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dicaprio_love's Journal

+ we love leonardo +
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This community is designed for all fans of the world's best actor, Leonardo DiCaprio. You may post anything relating to Leo, including pictures, stories, latest news, etc. But please, comply with these simple rules:

[1] No unrelated quizzes or rants, please.

[2] Put large and excessive images on an LJ-cut. If you are ignorant on how to use this, go to the FAQ page and find out how.

[3] Racist, sexist, homophobic, or any other offensive posts will get you banned faster than you can say "Titanic."

[4] No fighting with another member via the community. Take those disputes elsewhere.

Otherwise, anything goes. Just have fun!


LeonardoDiCaprio.com - The Official Site of Leonardo DiCaprio.

LeonardoDiCaprio.org - The Official Site of Leonardo's Environmental Causes

DiCaprio.com - Unofficial Site with additonal information

OmniLeonardo.com - Excellent Fan Site with a huge galleries and regularly updated information

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